Here you find a list of publications produced within the SafeWaterAfrica project:

Scientific papers

Scientific publications

1.Electrochemical treatment of groundwater for civil use – An example of an effective endogenous advanced oxidation process
DOI - Article in Journal - Chemosphere - Elsevier, 2018

2.Operating the CabECO® membrane electrolytic technology in continuous mode for the direct disinfection of highly fecal-polluted water
DOI - Article in Journal - Separation & Purification Technology - Elsevier, 2018

3.Pre-disinfection columns to improve the performance of the direct electro-disinfection of highly faecal-polluted surface water
DOI - Article in Journal - Journal of Environmental Management - Elsevier, 2018

4.Can CabECO® technology be used for the disinfection of highly faecal-polluted surface water?
DOI - Article in Journal - Chemosphere - Elsevier, 2018

5.Development of a novel electrochemical coagulant dosing unit for water treatment
DOI - Article in Journal - Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology - Wiley, 2018

Non-scientific papers

"Copernico - UniFE si racconta - I talenti di UniFE" | 2017

Press releases

"New Perspectives in Potabilization for Small Communities" | UNIFE | 16.01.2017
"Spremere i cervelli per dare acqua potabile all'Africa. H2020 SafeWaterAfrica" | UNIFE | 27.01.2017

SafeWaterAfrica Publications

Summary Report 2020-01: downloadable PDF version

Poster - EuroNanoForum: downloadable PDF version

Poster - AfriAlliance: downloadable PDF version

Flyer - ISEB 2018: downloadable PDF version

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 689925.

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